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Phoenix Point Game Review

The gaming is another session of playing our lives in much more dangerous and vulnerable mode. The one who deals with it strategically can win in the field otherwise the game is over. So here is another strategical game you need to play with extra sense and wits. The game was developed by the amazing studio, Snapshot Games. They have made the game most interestingly. The Phoenix Point is a strategy game in video mode. The game was introduced or released past year. And since then the game has been liked by all people of varied age groups. The game was made available on various platforms so the game can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their available sources.

The gameplay and the shot story of Phoenix Point are set in the year 2047. So this denotes the game is fictitious. And it revolves around the alien creatures too. The Phoenix Point is inclusive of the idea of these aliens swiping the traces of humanity on earth. There are intense challenges that are to be dealt with in the game. As the resources are getting scarce hence the player needs to survive in such an apocalyptic world. If you succeed in surviving in the game you are the winner. Phoenix Point is expected up as a part of series of X-COM but it is not, both the games have different variants and levels to put up. So to tell you more about the game and its release go through the article.

Phoenix Point Release Date

Phoenix Point Game Review

This famous and super popular game, Phoenix Point release date was 3rd December 2019. The game was released for several platforms on the given date. The Phoenix Point Xbox One release date has not yet announced. The Phoenix Point release date was primarily for platforms like macOS and Microsoft Windows. The game has not yet been released for PS4 and Xbox. It is assumed that the Phoenix Point Xbox version will be released later in the year of 2020. But there is no such update on releasing Phoenix Point PS4 and Xbox.

The affirmation of releasing the game that is Phoenix Point PS4 version in seen but the date is not being announced by the developers and producers of the game. Hence the game has been available for the PC users and they can get their copies of the game from the Epic Games Store. The game has been very popular and several copies of the same have been sold in the records. Also, the game is available on Epic Stores for $50. But the reviews by the critics and the players have confessed that the game is worth buying and worth playing. The best part of the game is that you need to survive and as well as kill the menacing and threatening aliens and win the Earth from the hand of aliens.

Phoenix Point Cheats

Phoenix Point Game Review

The game has been made easy and fast for earning some goodies from the game. Phoenix Point cheats are there to ease out your path a bit and help you survive more. So here are some of the Phoenix Point cheats that one can use.

  1. Num 1- this is certainly used for the god Mode that is you can go around the places as per your wish.
  2. Num 2- this is for earning enumerable points at the time of movement. So you will get points for the game and that will help you great achievements in Phoenix Point.
  3. Num 5- this cheat is used for maximum accuracy. This is dealt when the player has to go for many stable and safe steps during the game.
  4. Num 8- this will help the player in emptying in AI movement points. This will be a helping point in clearing the points.
  5. Num 0- this is one of the best ways by which you can kill the enemy with just one hit. The game is all about survival and strategy that will help in killing all the enemies in the game.
  6. Num 7: this is also one of the used Phoenix Point cheats in which the player can maintain the way in the speed. The player can maintain a particular speed in the game.
  7. Ctrl + Num 9: this is the cheat that will help you maximise the power to infinity. Also helps in dealing with the power and enduring the player for a longer time.

As the game is made for the PC users hence the Phoenix Point cheats are made with the keys in the PC controls. As the Xbox and PS4 do not have the game till now so it does not have the cheats for the game. Hence these will be the cheats for the game which help you making the game bit easier on playing a part.

Phoenix Point Tips

Phoenix Point Game Review

The game has innumerable tips that need to incorporated by a player to get the best of a game. It is also necessary to follow all these Phoenix Point tips to go for an efficient game.

  • Always be ready as there will be people around you getting defeated so don’t lose hope. You need to work and fight against them to survive and play longer. So be ready for losing people before abandoning yourself from the game.
  • It is also essential to use the pistols for the gaming as it would not take much from your AP cost. Though they are less powerful its impact is more. Also, the fact that the usage of snipers and shotguns will lead to much more reduction of AP cost than the pistol.
  • The humans can also act as the greatest of enemies sometimes. So beware of them as well.
  • If you are new to such game then remember that the weapons and vehicles are the only friend for you in the game.
  • The use of high ground is very important. As you have the access to the mouse wheel which can help the player to scroll in the different levels. So this will help the game getting a bit easy and way more strategical.
  • The medical bays and the facilities for training in the game are very essential for any player so always keep in mind to be near the bases which will help you get easier access for healing you and getting back to the fights in the game.

These are some of the essential Phoenix Point tips that a player must know before starting the game.

Phoenix Point Review

Phoenix Point Game Review

The game has been liked by a lot of people and that is has been appreciated by the critics too. The game has got a really good rating and has won hearts of several gamers. Also, the Phoenix Point reviews have collected almost an average of 80% likings by several critics and gaming stations. The game has been also a worth buying by several fans of the game. The game has been compared with the XCOM 2 but both the games have distinct gameplay and that it is certainly a commencing point for a wonderful game series. The game is really worth playing and also putting your wits into it. Finally, those who love playing are not considered geeks but “gamers”. So keep gaming!!

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