Critical Review of the LeapFrog Tablets in 2020

Review of The LeapFrog Tablets

In 1995, Michael Wood and Robert Lally founded a company called the LeapFrog Enterprises in Emeryville, California. The company was designed for educational entertainment and electronics.  Their vision is to aspire both adults and children for lifelong longevity of learning. They look forward to providing the highest quality of educational toys with the help of the electronic media which is not only fun to play, but also a great medium to learn. In this article, we will focus on LeapFrog Tablets and many of their kinds.

Today, LeapFrog is the fourth largest toy company in the USA, over the years it has been selling its products across 25 countries in the globe and the electronic books have been translated into 4 languages that are; Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish. The present CEO of this toy company is John Barbour.

History of LeapFrog:

Review of The LeapFrog Tablets

The company was founded in 1995, but the idea of it had already been in Michael Wood’s mind since the late 1890s. back then, he thought he wasn’t ready, to begin with, something of his own and hence he stuck to his old job. After the birth of his son, Michael Wood’s observed that his son was a fast learner during his early childhood. He had learned all the letters quickly but the only drawback his son faced was not being able to match the sound of the letters with its name, therefore Michael Wood decided to find a suitable phonics toy, o help his son learn better.

But, he was not able to find any phonetics related toy in any of the stores. That was the time he thought of developing a phonetic toy. He did a lot of study and research in understanding phonetic and planning with the investors when he finally met Dr. Calfee, a professor at Stanford who helped and guided Michael Woods with his prototype of design a toy based on phonetics.

After a few months in 1995 the first LeapFrog product, Phonics Desk was launched, it was a well- built plastic toy. Initially the company and Michael Wood did face difficulties, as Michael Wood did not have much idea or experience working in the corporate field. But, they managed to overcome those obstacles, and today they are one of the leading toy companies in the United States.

After the successful launch of the first Phonics Desk game, they produced the second Phonic Desk game in the following months. Today LeapFrog products include Leap Pad, Leap Reader, Leap TV, LeapFrog Epic and so many more. the company has divided its products based on age group, learning toys, learning tablets, gaming systems, accessories, and learning tablets.

About LeapFrog Tablet:

Review of The LeapFrog Tablets

In 2019, LeapFrog Tablet was launched which received a great review and is rated among the best Tablets for Children. The LeapFrog Tablet consists of various games, which are both fun and knowledgeable for the kids. The LeapFrog Tablet is an advisable and good suit for the children between the age group of 4 to 8 years old.  Let us provide a LeapFrog Tablet Review which will help you learn better about this product.

In the past couple of years, LeapFrog has launched many tablets with different features and details. It comes along with a 7 inches’ screen like most of its previous models, these run on batteries, and the customer does not have to struggle with the process of assembling it. Based on the LeapFork Tablet Review, many have appreciated this model and have rated it 4.5/5.

The LeapFork Tablet provides and teaches the kids on subjects like mathematics, music, creativity, science, coding, reading, spellings, and puzzles as well. These subjects are quite beneficial when children are developing. Apart from the learning, the kids get to play more than 700 games on the tablet. The LeapFrog Tablet costs $119.99, which is quite affordable.

The LeapFrog Tablet Games include games associated with Disney movies and shows, which makes learning more fun and interesting. LeapFrog Tablet Games include cookery and active learning games as well. LeapFrog has categorized its LeapFrog Tablets Games in various categories like Learning games, fun games, music-related games, etc., and each of them includes the age group for which it has been designed. To access the LeapFrog Tablet Games, you will have to pay a certain amount. The LeapFrog Tablets can be purchased either via the LeapFrog website or it is also available on Amazon.

About the Leapfrog Epic Tablet:

The LeapFrog Epic Tablet was launched in September 2015 by LeapFrog. LeapFrog Epic Tablet is a 7 inches’ tablet, which exclusively runs on above the android. This tablet can be used among children between the age group of 3 to 9 years old, it comes with parental control setting as well as a set of developed apps and games for the learning process.

The LeapFrog Epic Tablet, costs around $140, along with an in-built camera and speakers. This model is a bit expensive but has been quite successful in the market. The kids get the advantage of changing and customizing their home screen or their little town, they can use the colors and stickers to complete their town.

The children also get the option of choosing their six favorite apps on the device and by selecting them, those 6 apps will appear on the bottom of their screen which can be seen as a shortcut to play within the app. The LeapFrog Epic Tablet consists of 20 pre-installed applications like Weather, location, calendar, camera, gallery, and so on. The quality of the apps and games is excellent but the drawback is you will have to pay for the game to continue playing the other half of it, which I feel is fine as the quality of LeapFrog products is very nice.

About the LeapFrog Platinum Tablet:

During the summer of 2015, Leapfrog launched the LeapFrog Platinum Tablet which included 7 inches’ screen and 1024 X 600 pixels’ picture quality. It had become one of the most popular tablets of 2015. It consisted of a protected browser and allowed the parent to control its settings, as to what their kid must watch and whatnot. The LeapFrog Platinum Tablet came along with exciting gameplay and Imagicard and included 8GB memory and inbuilt camera which could also be used for video recordings.

The LeapFrog Platinum Tablet included 1000+ games and more which you could purchase, a learning library, and a music player as well. The LeapFrog Platinum Tablet costs $129.99 which is quite a good price for a tablet which gives you and your child so much to access.

About the LeapFrog Tablet 3:

Review of The LeapFrog Tablets

LeapFrog Tablet 3 was launched in 2014 and had become the number one kid’s learning tablet. The LeapFrog Tablet 3 comes 5 inches’ screen and a battery life of 6 hours and more. LeapFrog Tablet 3 also comes along with 1000+ games and gives the parents access to control the browser and the tablet as well. The LeapFrog Tablet 3 provides high-performance fun and helps the kids to learn better in subjects like mathematics, science, reading, and writing as well as creativity and life skills.

LeapFrog Tablet 3 currently costs around $89.99 which quite an affordable price for a model that comes along with such exclusive features and details. The only drawback in LeapFrog Tablet 3 is that you need to purchase some games to access them and make the learning even more fun, which additionally costs $10 each game.

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