Critical Review of the Upcoming Shooting Game – HyperScape

HyperScape Game Review in 2020

On 2nd July 2020, Ubisoft launched the first technical trial of the most awaited game of the season, HyperScape. The HyperScape is first shooter science fiction battle of royal game, the developers provided access to some users of Twitch and YouTube in order to gain more popularity, not only this they also came out with a trailer highlighting the features and different levels in the game. In India, the HyperScape was launched on 7th July 2020.

The first shooter game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Entertainment. The Ubisoft Entertainment is a French videogame and computer developer and it is also a publisher as well. The game was recently launched as an Open Beta Version, and has allowed its viewers to access the game by downloading it from the Uplay store or Uplay client by Ubisoft, this a free to play game and is available for the Windows PC. Though the game hasn’t been launched “officially” declared, the developers have yet preferred to keep it as an open beta for the time being.

About the HyperScape System Requirements

HyperScape Game Review in 2020

The game is designed based on the future year 2054 in Neo- Acradia. The system in this game requires a minimum of 20 GB of hard drive space to download it. The minimum requirements to download this programme are as follow;

1.The Operating System should either be on a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 with 64 as the bit versions.

2.It should be an Intel Core i33220 @3.3GHz or AMD FX-4130 @3.8GHz based processor

  1. It should be of 6 GB ram and there must be 20 GB of available storage in your hard drive.
  2. You should either have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) or AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB) or an Intel HD 520 based video card
  3. You should have a DirectX- compatible sound card with the latest and updated drivers. Along with this you should also have a compatible keyboard and mouse or controller on your Windows.

These above mentioned requirements are very essential for you to have if you want to experience this game and not face many errors.

About the HyperScape Gameplay

HyperScape Game Review in 2020

Let us talk about the Gameplay of this programme now, as we know Hyperscape is set in the 2054 year with a futuristic environment of Neo Arcadia. This battle royale first shooter game is an intense and a powerful combat. The world in the game, is prepared to be vast as it allows its players to explore and also experience from the top to the bottom of the game. `

According to many reviews, this free to play BR is the fastest BR that they have experienced. The matches here begin with almost 100 players, among which each of them are initially under equipped. Once you hunt the weapons and abilities called ‘hacks’ it would further help you with giving you the access of other equipment and opportunities like bouncing high up into the air and cross a large distance, hurting your opponents with mines and many more such opportunities. If you come across a weapon or hack, which you already own you can create a fusion out them by combining it and making the weapon even stronger, and hold on this is not just a one- time opportunity, rather you can use this fusion method as many time as you want.

About the Crown Rush

Unlike other battle royale, this game has an excellent show of a story, which features a competitive score The Crown Rush.

The Crown Rush is the primary mode and is supposed to be played in teams. Even after a player is killed in Hyperscape it allows them to guide and help its team mates, in fact your team mate has the power to revive you into the game via the restore points which he/she will only be able to obtain when they defeat the enemy. Therefore, your time in the game hasn’t got over until and unless you either win or are defeated. You usually do not find such a feature in other games like Fortnite or PUBG.

If you are able to make it to the final stage of the game, a phase name showdown would activate. In this stage, a crown will be dropped in any part of the setting, and whichever team member of the either team finds it and holds on to it for 45 seconds, the player and his team wins the game. But, the challenge over here is that all the players including the players of the other team will have a view on it because of which anyone at any moment could attack and take away the crown in order to win, this is makes the HyperScape Game more interesting. The team mates have to prepare a strong strategy in order to win.  In order to win this, you should make sure you defeat all the members of the opponent team.

Mode of HyperScape in PS4 and Xbox

HyperScape Game Review in 2020

Another mode which has been found to be interesting among the users is the ‘Dark Haze Solo’ mode, here the visibility rate is low and you will not have access to the weapons that you’ve been having throughout the game as here the weapons are different.

When the HyperScape was initially launched as open beta for the users it was only accessible for its PC users, but now soon later this summer people could also get access to their PS4 and Xbox. This programme has given a tough competition to the Riot Games published Valorant, as both have been launched back to back and both are a first shooter game which is both freely accessible.

HyperScape Game Review in 2020

As we talk about the intensity and sheer exciting features of the game let us also note down that this programme is still in its initial stages and the developers have only launched its first technical trial. As the game was recently updated into a HyperScape Open Beta Version, many users who have downloaded and are currently using it have been facing a lot of error and bug issues and are also complaining about getting kicked off either before the match or sometimes even during the game when they are almost at the urge of winning.

There is not much that you can do about it as such errors are bound to happen in any new game especially during its first trial. As the developers, Ubisoft have still not launched an official date to release this game, I am sure they’d first go through all the raised complains and will try to come up with possible and permanent solutions.

If you found this article interesting then do go and check out the trailer of HyperScape either on Ubisoft website or on YouTube.

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