Review of Valorant in 2020

Valorant Reviews in 2020

Gaming! Who nowadays is not familiar with this word? From a kid to an old man everyone is fond of gaming. But the trend of the same is seen mostly in kids and adults. The new games have eventually got spaces in our collection of games. So here is one more game that you can add up to your collection and that is Valorant. This game is a first-person game derived for multiplayer and also the player has free-to-play interaction with the game. The game was developed recently by the very famous, Riot Games.

The game was majorly made for the Microsoft Windows. The intro of the game was given before in October 2019. The game was released some months later than that. The best part of the game was that you can enjoy with your friends as different characters and can have control over them. The characters dealing with the game have different sets of skills and also that they are originated from different cultures and countries. So, let us now know something more about the game that what it is about, characters, releases, availability on which all platforms and of course about the reviews of the same.

Valorant Gameplay

The game is multiplayer and team-based. The player act as the first-person player. There are several stages or levels in the game which offers real adventures, strategical mind, defending and attack. The game has multiple weapons such as machine guns, shotguns, sidearms, submachine guns, assault rifles and many more. So, Valorant is a loaded game with all sorts of challenges, tasks and adventure. The Valorant beta is a pre-release of the game for the people. This is to know that they are enjoying playing it and if it has some flaws then they can be corrected.

The Valorant beta game came up on 21st May 2020. But now the beta stage of the game has been closed as the real game has come up to the people. The Valorant beta key can be earned by looking up for a game on live streaming at a renowned platform Twitch. By watching the game live stream, you can also buy the same. But the Valorant beta key has also eventually closed so is now not available.

Valorant Characters

Valorant Reviews in 2020

For any game to have characters and the perfect skills for the game is essential. Hence the Valorant game also offers you the same for getting the best skills for the game through its character. They give you a total of eleven characters that can help you to win the game. The characters in itself have some abilities that can help you play better. Some of the Valorant characters are:


The very first character discussed, he is a great tactical commander in the game. He has loads of abilities with utmost versatility. The abilities of the character are that he can take the smoke grenades and can survive them. Also, he is very rapid in response and has the best bombing techniques, has the best firepower amongst all the characters and also can take down the airstrike.


The game offers another amazing character, Cypher. He is a master in gathering all the information through his very advanced camera. He is called as a Spy in the game. His ability is that he is an asset in attacking as well as defending.


He is amongst the best Valorant characters. He is a secret mover in the game and goes through the trail from walls. He has the ability to checking for its terrains mapping skills and also for it killing the enemies.

Several other Valorant characters, Jett, Omen, Raze, Phoenix, Viper, Sage, Reyna, and Sova.

Valorant Release Date

The game has become a real essence of adventure, fun and a real-time killer in this lockdown. It’s better to stay indoors and be safe and what’s wrong with such a marvellous game. The Valorant release date as given by the Riots games was 2nd June 2020. The game was waiting as the Valorant beta was very much appreciated by the gamers as well as by the critics. The Valorant game was made available on PC. The game is built for PC to kill the stereotype of the advanced games being released on hyped platforms.

The Valorant PS4 does not have any further announcements as well as Valorant Xbox one does not have any release. Also, the fact that the game is not getting released on Valorant Xbox it has been a great chance for PC users. The Valorant free game is available for people if they have certain system specifications. So, for all the PC users out there, they can just do the Valorant download as the link of directly downloading the game is on Riots official page. Also, you can do Valorant download from any client who can get you the game.

Some of the Valorant PC requirements:

As the game is exclusively made for you so they want to deliver the best game and content to you. So, to help them in this aspect you must know about the basic Valorant PC requirements:

  • There are as such no hard and fast requirements there is the need of 4 GB RAM as only this can help the game run smoothly.
  • The processor must be Core: i5-4460.
  • The operating system of the PC must be at least Windows 7.
  • Video card for the Valorant game must be GTX 1050 Ti.
  • The video card must be having the vertex shader of 5.1. Otherwise, the shader of 3 is also fine.
  • The Video RAM for the game must be at least 4096 MB.
  • These are some of the basic Valorant PC requirements.

Valorant Tips and Tricks

Valorant Reviews in 2020

The game becomes easy with some beneficial with such tips and tricks. It is very important to keep such tips in mind to play longer and safer. Also, the fact that Valorant tips and tricks are really useful. The tips and tricks of the game are:

  1. The most important thing in the game is that whenever you walk, hold the shift button so as there is complete silence when you are walking and the enemies can’t approach you.
  2. You must run only when you think you are far away from the enemies so that you are unheard.
  3. While you are shooting towards the target make sure you stand still to have the perfect shot. Here the movement of your character and the enemy matters the most.
  4. It is very important to coordinate with the other characters to defend yourself completely in the game. Also, it is important to cover every lane by one of your teammates as it would protect the whole team from enemy attack.
  5. Only the fulfilment of the weapons won’t do you enough good in the game but the knowledge of one’s ability and skills will help the player master the game.

Valorant Reviews

This game has brought a lot to the gamers as well as to the critics. The build-up of the game is so nice that it’s transparent on the very platform you search for. The need for Valorant review is that it shows the credibility of the game and also tell about its fine mission and challenges. The game has been appreciated by many of the critics and has been rated as 9/10. This score is huge for any game. Such a game is worth playing and I recommend you should try your hand on it and give them valuable feedback too.

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