Critical Starfield Review : Everything You Need to Know in 2020

Game Review of Starfield 2020

Humans can’t survive without recreation in his life as entertainment is necessary to de-stress oneself. Playing games and fun increases brain functions helps in cognitive development and releases a happy chemical, serotonin in the body. With the progress in technology, the definition of thrill and allure of playing games changes from time to time. From the first board game, senet of 3100 BC to the present generation virtual, and highly techy video games, technology has changed the way people play games.

Starfield, one of the new creation of Bethesda Game Studio, is creating a new definition of video games. Starfield online game is a single-player game just like Skyrim and Fallout 4 games of Bethesda. It is not come in the operation till now but with its announcement and trailer, it created a lot of excitement among video game lovers.

Till now, there is not much information about this completely new scientific game. The studio is internally planning about its locations, functions, features and all its creation for a decade. It is a much-awaited game of this year but still, no official announcement has been made regarding Starfield release date but it is expected to be announced soon. Its teaser trailer was launched in 2018 with E3 games which presented a completely new universe environment and with leaving all fun lovers in a lot of excitement.

Bethesda’s boss Todd Howard declared it as the priority of their studio and asked fans to keep patient. It is evident from the trailer that it is a highly scientific game, set up in space. It shows the atmosphere of a desert planet with the sun cresting it and a space station with a rugged design. It is evident from the trailer that the starfield online game presents a very realistic view of outer space and it was described as the game of the next generation.

Starfield Release Date

Game Review of Starfield 2020

The Starfield release date hasn’t been announced until now. Its first official announcement was made in 2018 during the launched of fallout 76. It was expected by many that there would be Starfield at E3 2018, and in E3 2019 games but it was not announced and Bethesda asked its fans to keep patient as it will take more time than any other game to be announced.  Starfield is such a game that take many years to be completed as it is a space game in a realistic setting. The Studio claimed that a lot of hard work is required to finish a game like a starfield.

Todd Howard, however, declared that they will announce Starfield before Elder Scrolls VI, so it is expected to get Starfield release date much before this new game announcement. A piece of very important information was also shared by the studio that Starfield Xbox, Starfield PS4, starfield Xbox might be available by 2021. Even though it was announced by the studio that Starfield is a next-generation video game but it can also be played on PCs. PC players earlier were worried but now they can take relief as although it was announced that it will be a next-generation game but it won’t be limited by current Generation hardware.

Starfield Trailer

Game Review of Starfield 2020

The trailer brings a lot of exhilaration and excitement among video game lovers. What everyone knows about it is just Bethesda’s E3 2018 teaser trailer that shows a rugged environment of space. It was designed to give us an idea of the surrounding and atmosphere of the game. This game preparation was started internally 6 years ago and active development was started after fallout 4 completion. It was considered as the DNA of Bethesda and it has things that the studio likes.

The trailer video shows an unnamed planet, a floating satellite and a space station. That was a deserted planet with a rugged environment with a huge effect of gravity than mass effect. Starfield will create a gaming market that will be shown the hunger for Sci-fi RPG.

Starfield tips and Starfield cheats are not yet decided but it will soon be announced in the upcoming year. The cheats of this can be used in Xbox, PCs, Play station 4 and XboxOne. Starfield easy tricks and tips will be out soon. Even no one is aware of all the characters as in the trailer only universe and sun creeping an unknown planet was shown. Still, a lot of things of the game is not known.

Starfield Reviews

Game Review of Starfield 2020

This online game will make its users experience a trip to the universe that will be a very dangerous experience for its users as it will be the first online game that gives the experience of realistic atmosphere. After a huge criticism of Fallout 76, Bethesda wanted to now announce such a game that will again take the standard of Bethesda games to great heights.

Although still the game is not announced but still there is a lot of enthusiasm among its fans. Its trailer gains an utmost love from its fans but still, its fans have to long wait because it was not even announced in ES 2020 games but it is expected to be announced by 2021.

All we can do is just to wait for a thrilling experience for the first time in a very real environment of the universe. This game will let us create a new definition of video games and space games.

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