Top 10 Wavepad Alternatives to Use

Wavepad Alternatives to Edit

Editing is a trending activity that teenagers and young adults engage into, very frequently. Be it audio files or video files, users edit it in various ways. Editing is a boon, as well as a bane, in our lives. People can edit their audios and videos to make it better. One can also edit their files to trap someone, or in a negative way. Editing is not a difficult task if you are really interested in it. WavePad and WavePad alternatives make this task easy. You can either learn editing on your own, or you can also attend classes to learn professional editing.

There are various audio and video editing softwares that you can use to edit your files. A very popular audio editing software is the WavePad. You can use it in both ios and windows devices. You can record and edit your music and recordings through this software. You can cut, paste, and copy the entire recording, or parts of the recording. You can also add additional effects like echo, amplification, bass, treble, and noise reduction. People need regularly the wavepad alternative.

WavePad is a good software but you might not want to install it for some reason. If you don’t want to install this software, we have a list of wavepad alternatives that you can try installing and using.

WavePad alternatives that you can use

There are a few alternatives of the WavePad software that you can try. These are very similar to wavepad and equally easy to use.


The first wavepad alternative that we have included in our list of the top 10 wavepad alternatives is the Audacity. It is a free software that helps you in music production. It has a huge range of editing tools and recording system. The software allows you to record audio on your laptop or computer and edit it at that moment. This software also facilitates the removal of background sounds, and unwanted noise. You might not get a very clear and polished audio, but it does the work.


The second wavepad alternative software in our list is the LMMS software. It is a free software that you can use on both Android and ios devices. This software provides the user with an open source, and more than one platforms for doing their work. It is a great digital audio workstation. You can edit the existing files, or add new files to them as well. You can cut and paste, adjust the vibration, echo, bass, treble, and other elements in the audio.


GarageBand is a very popular alternative used for the Wavepad software. It is a powerful application that is very easy to use at the same time. This is a software created for the ios devices. Therefore, you can easily take advantage of this software if you are a Mac owner. GarageBand comes with its own library from where you can choose audio files, instruments tracks, etc. The equaliser and mixing options are huge and the experience is really fun. There have been recent updates that have made the software more engaging and user-friendly.


Ardour is the next wavepad alternative in our list. It is a platform of digital recording that allows you to record, edit, and mix audio files. You can record audio through a microphone and then edit it on the software. You will get a varied range of editing tools that make the editing experience enriching and fun at the same time. Ardour claims that it is a more flexible option as compared to its other counterparts. The operation of the software is very simple as well.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is another software that you can use to edit your audio files. This software makes Push and Live performance. Ableton Live is known for being an extremely creative software for editing. Ableton is a company that is based in Berlin, Germany. You have to create an account on Ableton and you can then carry forward your editing task. There are a number of editing tools that facilitate recording and mixing on your laptops or computers. You can download and install this software for free.


The next alternative for the WavePad software is Reaper. Reaper is also a Digital Audio Workstation, also written as DAW, and is developed by Cockos. This is one of the best audio editing software as it provides you with complete tools that you need from the start till the end. Every step of the editing process becomes easy and accessible to you through this software. This includes audio recording, mini recording, editing, voiceovers, and the final mixing and mastering. You can use this software is both Windows and macOS.

Sound Forge

Sound Forge is a software, developed by the prestigious brand Sony, for you audio editing needs. It is also a worthy alternative for the WavePad software. The Sound Forge software give you very precise editing of your audio files. It has latest technology involved that makes your audio sound clearer and better. It also has a range of editing tools that you can use as per your needs. This software is compatible for both Windows and macOS. This software is preferred by artists, producers, as well as sound engineers.


GoldWave is another WavePad alternative that we have added to our list and this software is equally efficient in editing audio files. This software allows you to perform functions like record music, restore audio files, convert videos to audios, and analyze the files before and after you have edited them. Gold Wave is fully equipped to perform small tasks like audio recording, to complex functions like processing and mixing of audio. The complex functions like restorations, analysis, and conversions become easy with this software.

Magix ACID Pro

The next WavePad alternative software in our list is the Magix ACID Pro software. The manufacturer is ACID, who has a legacy of 20 years in the audio industry. ACID was famous for creating loop-based music which was a new concept for many. The software was inspired by the ACID Pro 8 which is the latest Digital Audio Workstation. A lot of artists and producers use this software for their complex functions. It comes in a 64-bit version, which has been newly launched, and it is nothing but a powerhouse of music production.

Studio One

The last WavePad alternative software on our list is the Studio one software, but it is no less in its functionality and performance. Studio One has raised the standards of music production softwares. This software is popularly used by beginners and experts for editing their music. The operation of the software is very easy and it allows the user to record and mix audio files. It is compatible for both Windows devices and macOS.

These were the best wavepad alternative that you can use in place of the WavePad software. These softwares are equally efficient and are capable of helping you with simple and complex functions. All these softwares have a user-friendly interface, and no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, these softwares will be sufficient for you in every aspect.

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